Where To Play Online Bingo

There are so many online Bingo sites on the internet today that it can be very hard for a new player to decide where to play online Bingo. You could go by the prettiest graphics, or the most familiar names, but there are many other qualities, some which novices may not realize exist, that can make it much easier to choose where to play online Bingo.

First we’ll describe key elements that affect where a player should play online Bingo, then we’ll offer you some online Bingo sites that correspond with each favorable element. By taking a look at each of these important aspects, you can easily narrow down the list of where to play online Bingo. They are:

      Regional Player Acceptance
      Game Variety
      Free vs Real Money Play
      Bingo Bonuses

Where to Play Online Bingo – 1. Integrity/Reputation
The reputation of an online Bingo site is extremely important; so much so that we’ve made it the number one thing to look for when deciding where to play online Bingo. We have already determined the integrity of all online Bingo sites listed on our web site, so that you don’t have to. But we will provide you with some tips on looking into this info yourself.

Much of the information can be found at the very bottom of the front page, and/or on the ‘About Us’ page. You are looking for 1) who owns the company, 2) where is it licensed and regulated, 3) how long have they been around, and 4) what kind of security measures are used to ensure the safety of your personal and financial information?

Our Recommendation: Betsson Bingo
Betsson Bingo is one of the best online Bingo halls in the industry, with over a decade of experience on the Internet. In that time, Betsson Bingo has established a solid reputation for integrity, honesty and fairness. Get your account and first bonus at Betsson Bingo by clicking here.

Where to Play Online Bingo – 2. Regional Player Acceptance
It wouldn’t do you much good to join and online Bingo site that doesn’t accept players from your geographical location. If you live in just about any part of Europe, you shouldn’t have any problems, but some areas have more limitations than others. For example, US players have the hardest time finding online gaming sites that accept their deposits.

Our Recommendation: Bingo Hall
Bingo Hall is another long-time member of the online Bingo industry and does not restrict players on their regional merit. So long as there is a viable deposit/withdrawal method for you at Bingo Hall, you should have no problem joining and playing for real money.
Welcome to Bingohall, click here

Where to Play Online Bingo – 3. Game Variety
If you’ve never played online Bingo, you may not even realize how many versions of Bingo there are. If you’re in North America, you probably know 75-Ball Bingo, while Europeans are more familiar with 90-Ball Bingo. There’s also a newer version out known as 80-Ball Bingo (we guess 75 wasn’t enough, but 90 was just too high?). Make sure the online Bingo site offers a game you are familiar with.

Our Recommendation: Gala Bingo
Gala Bingo tops the list in this department of where to play online Bingo as the site offers all 3 of the most popular versions of Bingo. Members will always find 75-Ball Bingo, 90-Ball Bingo and 80-Ball Bingo on tap at Gala Bingo. As an added perk, Sharon Osbourne, wife of Ozzy Osbourne and celebrity in her own right, is a self-admitted Bingo freak, and can be found playing at Gala Bingo, where they’ve actually named a bingo Club after her.

Where to Play Online Bingo – 4. Free vs. Real Money Play
Not all Bingo fans are looking to play for real money. Then again, not everyone wants to play for free. What about those who simply can’t make up their minds, or would like to be able to play for free and for real money at the same site? Whichever category you fall into, make sure the online Bingo site you choose will accommodate your style.

Our Recommendation: Platinum Play Bingo
Platinum Play Bingo a one of the most popular online Bingo rooms in the world, and caters to Free Online Bingo, paying real cash and prizes. Like Gala Bingo, you’ll find 75-Ball, 90-Ball and 80-Ball Bingo games available at this elite, free online Bingo site.

Where to Play Online Bingo – 5. Bingo Bonuses
This is a very important feature for many online gamers. Bingo Bonuses are actually the single most popular aspect in attracting new players to an online bingo room. Bingo Bonuses come in two forms; Free Trial/No Deposit Bingo Bonuses and Deposit Match Bingo Bonuses. A Free Trial gives the player a few free bucks to play the games with, while a deposit match bonus is worth a lot more, but requires a first-time deposit. [Read more about Bingo Bonuses…]

Our Recommendation: Maria Bingo
Maria Bingo has the highest online Bingo Bonus we could find, along with all of the other qualities that make for a solid, reliable online Bingo site. Sign up a new membership with Bingo House to receive a Free Trial No Deposit Bingo Bonus of $30, followed by a 250% match bonus on your first deposit, and subsequent reload bonuses worth up to 300%.

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